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Hello, fellow wanderers!

I'm Shelly I live in Co. Cavan, proud mother of three beautiful kids, one of whom is my guardian angel and married to an amazing man, my husband and best friend

I am thrilled to be your personal guide to a world of enchanting travel experiences.

With a background in the vibrant world of Canadian travel agencies, A flight Attendant and a 10 year Point Leader of Pre Screeners for CATSA ( Canadian Air Transport Security) my journey in the travel industry has been as diverse as the destinations I've explored.

Canadian Roots, Global Wings

Having Sharpened my skills in the heart of Canada, I bring a wealth of local knowledge to curate the perfect travel experience. From the bustling cityscapes to the serene wilderness, let's embark on a journey that reflects the beauty of the True North.

20 Countries and Counting

My wanderlust has taken me to 20 countries and counting! From the historic streets of Europe to the exotic landscapes of Jamaica , I've soaked in the cultures and flavors that make each destination unique. I believe in crafting personalized itineraries that capture the essence of every place I've been.

Cruising Enthusiast

If there's one thing that truly makes my heart sail, it's cruising. I'm not just a travel agent; I'm your Clia cruise specialist. Let me guide you through the azure waters, where every sunset is a masterpiece and each port of call holds the promise of new adventures.

Universally Orlando Certified Specialist

In my quest for knowledge, I've delved into the magical realm of Universal Orlando. As a certified specialist, I've mastered the art of creating enchanting experiences in the world of wizards, superheroes, and timeless tales. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a fan of magical moments, I've got your Universal adventure covered!

Let's turn your travel dreams into reality!

Embark on a journey with me, where every destination is a story waiting to be written, and every trip is an opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime.